Dock Master Spinney

Overseer of Matesgar's sea port


Dock Master Spinney is better known around the docks as “Old Crone of the Sea.” Her knowledge as a ship-wright keeps her ashore repairing, modifying, and building ships. Her sea knowledge is impeccable, able to call out on-coming storms and spread warnings before loss of boat and human life at docks and harbor. As an accomplished swimmer, sailor, and fisher she keeps her reputation at the sea port well known.

Spinney is so high up on the respect ladder around the docks that she even passes off business to many of the ship Captains. Taking coin and trade for passengers and goods to be seen to far off places past the horizons of the sea, she makes a modest living. She has advanced to the top tiers of the boat engineer squads that prowl the decks for work.

When a new arrivals appears The Old Crone of the Sea offers a warm welcome to the travelers of Mahtesgar. Likely shes even blessed all of their babies that came ashore as well. Spinney also has access to all the buildings at the dock, making the brokering of favors a bad habit of hers.

Dock Master Spinney

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