A toxic drink


Hydro. Yeh. To keep your wits about you in the dustbowl, better take along tanks and tanks of hydro. Your gonna get thirsty out there, so it’s best if you take the good stuff with you. Only the purest for me, but others will drink it murky…


Hydro alters sense of time, strength, and dexterous movement. It can also be used to reduce fatigue, and restore endurance. Using hyrdo for long periods of time will cause resistance, which will have you drinking more and more of the stuff until you become an addict.

() 2 STR & DEX
) 25% END PTs.
(+) 5 to movement speed

(-) 2 WIL, PER
(-) 2 all INT and CHA based skills.


The Unknown Quixotic_Earthling