The Unknown is well known in regards to it’s non-restrictions on cybernetic body-parts. Ranging from bright and shiny to outright stingy, cyborgs and their counterparts make up a large chunk of the human population. In any major town Ripperdocs can be found at the corner of every street gettin people jacked for the day. Need a tune up? Some steam-power? A little hydro?

Cybernetics range into every conceivable body part as the technology for the world takes a very seriously medically-driven route as far as prosthetics and the advancement of the human body are concerned. With the help of prosthetic limbs people are able to function in a society where gun shot wounds, and machete fights are common place grounds where limbs lose their masters. Cybernetics have evolved to the point where the branch has extended it’s services to all life on earth. Yes. Even your horse can have a cyber-eye.

Cyborg enhancers can run dry and burn out over time, so replacements are a common sight. Sleeping limbless is also fairly common, so longs your not plannin a limbless night on the cold frontier, Indians’ll gitcha! The glowing green-fuel like substance, and inky-oily residue that are applied to the machine-parts inside and out help keep them limber and kickin. Some other extensions of borg parts can actually connect to steam-driven machinations and tools that allow for enhanced bodily functions that far-exceed the known limitations of pre-modern man.


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