Dangers of the West

Mortal minions

  • CyTech Cults dot the Trail and Wilds at random intervals. Sometimes traveling families of fity or more borgs will travel out to make peace with the world, or even to find God. Believing themselves to be of some higher purpose it is not uncommon to hear of kidnappings and sacrifices in the name of some Borg God that manifests amongst the cultists. Blood rites, fetal fatalities, and dark ‘magik’ curse Cytech Cults into taboo notions not couragously spoken of in the open.
  • Wandering cannibals claim many lives on The Trail. Forever cursed with the sensation for the taste of human flesh, these people are probably the most dangerous creatures alive. Fully aware humans that methodically hunt others for food is a very discouraging token for travel. More dangerous even than zombies is the hungry cannibal, after all a zombie could just eat itself…
  • Hooligan cowboys from every odd angle of the land sprouts up people with the courage and willpower to use the land and its resources to it’s evey advantage. Don’t expect all the folk out there to give you a helping hand when you need one, or even to just play nice.
  • Native populations in the area tend to distrust and mislead unwary adventurers. Unless of the people themselves or trying to trade, avoidance of natives is of utmost importance. Horror stories of whole families butchered on The Trail by Indian sabotuers trying to claim back the wild haunt still inns, and quiet nurseries. Brigades of men always going out into the wilds beyond the Trail too bring back stories of magnificent battles over local natives. It is customary for scalping, rape, and skull collecting to occur for maximum terrorization of the Eastern world.

Monsters from beyond the grasps of Oblivion

  • The Undead are a plague on this verse. When people die it is customary to have them cremated; Lest you find your loved ones with their paws wrapped around your throut in your sleep, attempting to drag you down with them to the darker slumber. Zombies are a naturally occuring phenomenon that man has lived with since its birth-days. Sometimes used for certain purposes, the Undead have had a willingly bleak role to play as discouraging property markers, sewer haunts, and bog demons. The West holds no secrets in that Indian natives will drop mass burials nearby towns in order for the “spirits” to wipe out competing and nemesis towns. Its also a livid tale when an out-of towner tells of a dark woods they tresspassed through, only to find the place overrun with the Undead at daybreak.
  • Winged Men live in the mountains and swoop out of the sky to pluck young babs from their mothers breast’s. Wing-spans the lengths of a house, horn-racks barbed to a cruel perfection, so large and un-abashed that they would gladly steal flocklings in the eyes of their herder. They have fun by killing and hunting, and are easily bored by the whims of man. Only a few have been able to be killed. Most escape into their dens in the mountains.
  • Mutated fodder has produced many a strange creature, and with the pestilences that has come from the South all manner of beast have gone ugly, so to say. The ones that manage to survive off what they can typically find their nutrients amongst lichens and wild tree fungus. Survival of the fittest typically enhances the offspring of whatever wild monster your about to slay so think hard lest you undermine the offspring of generations worth of good food. Mind you.

Spirit residues that have overstayed their welcome.

  • Wild Lycanthropes inhabit regions of the world where old customs that may have gotten out of hand a long time ago, and only remain as fables or legends, remain in contact with the soil they were born on. Such things revolve around the myths of people who can shift they’re skins into that of wild monsters. Not wholly becoming it, and yet only retaining a semblence of their original self, lycanthropes may find companionship but it is common for them to hunt alone.
  • Vampiric Blood Cartels are a ruling problem in the East, and their influence constantly spills over into the West. With humans breaching out into all spaces of the world, the “cattle” problem seems to be explosive. Some vamps do their best to keep private the lives they so joyously keep taboo. But a majority of open cave dwellers is decided on feasting the human populace into a more controlled crowd. After all, just cause your at the top of the food chain doesn’t make your prey any less stupid.
  • Some growths are extremely defensive as far as natural protection and poison. Fungus plays a wicked role in the shaping of wild spaces, as it’s spore can literally react to the presence of beings by sprouting fungal-thralls to obtain the Spore’s justice. Once dead, whatever it was, the thralls can re-distribute their spores onto the carcasses to ingest the newest flesh into the Fungal realm.

Dangers of the West

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