Monarchy and Rule


The normal world as we know of it, is ruled by man, Hu-man. With grief stricken populations looking for leadership, the population at large has resorted to deifying a single human, as it’s King. The King looks after the land, its provinces, and their peoples. Many different nations reside and are ruled under the same Monarchy. Though it is lenient and forgiving, the crown has resorted to all manner of tactics to keep the realm whole.

The current King Porpo is reknowned for his generosity to the common-wealth. Gifting land titles and rewarding citizens with purses, the King sits on a well recieved reputation with his people. Never too harsh with enforcing a law or tax, the King has seen continued years of dedicated service amongst the rural counties that are more wild than the home-kingdom. Beneath the King, a bountiful array of humans come to the kingdom to assist and take part in Royal affairs, some that reach to the edge of the world.

With the recent continent in the West under discovery and with such surges in immigant numbers the home Kingdom of Mellwoo is sad to see it’s citizens go. The West has much to offer though and sharing the Empire amongst the citizenry is of utmost importance to make the land human. Giant Zeppelins, fleets of flying and floating rafts, enormous ships carrying tens of thousands at a time, and small smoky gyro-coptic inventions shipped people out on the daily. The home ports of Mellwoo, lofted on cliffs built down through chasms overlooking a magnificent ocean, was never busier than in this time of great emigration.

The West belongs to a loosely knit network of fringe towns and dusty cities. Peopled by all sorts of travelers and wanderers. Many people move through looking for work find it, but others take The Trail deeper into the West to discover their destiny. All the same most citizens typically don’t amount to more than townsfolk.

With progress on the rise throughout the land the economics of the society has come to a whole, unified behind the conjoining of three great nations once at war over territory. The Human Kingdoms now work towards the elimination of Vampire rule, the cataloguing of new finds on a national level, and the embracing of the kingdom on a level that is characteristically convenient for the common person to live their life behind.


Embracing the fist of chaos, Vampires rule the underworld. Living in carefully crafted obsidian castles they manage to keep a tight lid on their sanctuaries hidden deep in forests, at the bottom of dead lakes, in dense swamps, or even bored deep into magnificent mountains. By night the world is theirs for the taking. No amount of force is more capable of taking over the world completely at the turn of night than the Vampire.

Keeping humanity in check takes a bold and abrasive strategy. Humans are after all not entirely nocturnal, nor daylight creatures. This makes the hunting of them convenient at night, but the fear of them in the day very real. With vassals on psychic lockdowns and blood-refuse there is only so much the Vampires can hold and grasp on to that gives them power to do what they need done while asleep.

With the humans active need to legislate and control itself is where the Vampires take interest. The prey organizing itself into vast networks gives the idea of getting to know certain districts by the taste of its blood. Intelligence gathered based on the purity of the local water-supply becomes paramount to the Vampire underground, some blood-runners require certain high-protein blood, even types. Such tests spring up as far as quality versus quantity. Better fed humans make for better meals quite honestly, and theres only one way one would know…

Not all Vampires are intelligent, as one succumbs to blood cravings more frequently one becomes more and more feral. The degeneration of the body takes the mind with it, turning some dignified individuals into savage gluttonous monsters that even other Vampires have to consider as enemies. Thus there are many Vampires that contribute not at all to the grander more elegant styles such as The Maltiz Brotherhood and Children of the Moon, just two Vampire blood cults that ensure feeding rights to their covenants through force and terror. Others work in tandem, owning secret underground human farms, where blood is capitalized on as much as possible. Human trade is also frequent as stock pilings of biomass are switched and traded like an everyday custom.

Beyond the grasp of the intelligent Vampires there is nothing more that prevents humanity from expanding on an intellectual level. Certain high ranking humans have blood tags and are milked on occasion in their sleep, so that the Vamps can have a part of them flowing through them, like a menagerie. The ultimate goal for the Vampire nation is dominance, and the humans are just too numerous to control at this point, never mind the free-will associated with even trying to control them.

Monarchy and Rule

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