Music's Magic

Music is magic and ritual in the lands of the West. Through it power is channeled, connections are made, and a force unseen goes heard by all. Music is the sounds of all the thoughts that go unspoken, all the feelings we feel inside.

In the West music takes on magical essence as well as for personal listening. Evils that stalk the night are forced away into hiding at the sound of highly concentrated music. Not all things are affected, but at night one can sleep quieter knowing the bubble of the camp is cocooned inside of the shell of the camps musical virtuosos.

Aside from supernatural barrier markers music also has the ability to soothe, heal, and even grow the things around it. The purity that the musician bends out of the air literally heals the world around him as he harmonizes melodies to stimulate his environment.

Due to such qualities and musical variety most train hands travel with a full band sometimes. Personal flute and mandolin consorts walk with prestigious elite. Even sea-merchants like to have at least a drummer follow along through the open seas; As well as sky captains with a trumpeter parting the clouds. The instance that you find yourself traveling alone, or you don’t have a band with you, well it may behoove you to learn one of those nifty instruments yourself then, eh?

Music's Magic

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