The Trail

Rowlesburg west virginia

Man’s stretch. Man’s reach. The way a river makes veins upon the Earth, so too does our great race make long paths that etch and vein out across the states. Now, one of the largest traveled and known is a great a true legend from start to finish. For many a travelers have moved across it’s face, that one road known as The Trail.

A massive road that converges at a few stops traveling south along the Eastern coast and then to the West into the unknown, The Trail brings back stories of horror and delight. Many folk start down it’s cobbled roads, it’s dusty trails, it’s wig-wommed paved streets to start a new life. Most find more than what they reckoned for after starting out, some never come back at all.

Only true legends have traveled The Trail to the end and back. The meager few that do live outlaw lives, with stolen brides on boot-jacked native lands. Some o’them folk earn dark enough reputations that avoidings need be placed in order. Then again, maybe they’ve just seen enough of what’s out in the West to know better than the rest.

The Trail

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