A Steam-Punk Horror RPG dashed with a bit of Fantasy.

Welcome to the West

Hello. Please pull up a chair. Cigar? We’ve much to discuss of the West. Your family needs supplies for months worth of travel, and you need papers for the lands that your entitled too, and YOU must prepare for the long journey. Your Uncle Jamus wouldn’t want the land to go into the national cache for bidding, would he? Here sign this and you can have your paper work regarding your title. There now, your papers of ownership. Your a land owner! Don’t lose those now, they’re very important documents.

Now, regarding the journey. The East here will be teeming with masses in the coming years, and all have an interest on moving into the free zones of the West. Your entitlement to move beyond zone 51 has been dispatched by mail to the frontier outpost’s Quartermaster and Master Sergeant. Once you arrive they will reassign you directionally and set you to your duties as citizens of the free world.

The travels will be long and arduous, and the road lonely and dark. There are many dangers on the frontier. Wild people, demonic woods, and other brutes of the treacherous wilds are all out there waiting. You can take as many hired guns with you as you can afford, but I suggest keeping your trail-wagons hitched in tight circles at evening. The night hides many dangers.

Here you are safe so long as you are within the confines of Matrock’s walls. Beyond your chances of survival depend on your company, and your will to survive. Now that you have your documents I propose a toast. To the West!

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